- The professional converting of PSD projects into web pages

The professional converting of PSD projects into web pages.

HTML24 is aimed at creation the best quality models of web pages using the leading technologies. With our help, the Internet is going to be easier to operate and more friendly for all its users. What is more, you can make a profit on it, not wasting the time! We encourage you to study our offer!

Highest quality of each site we create. Our web pages are always W3C and WAI standards compliance. We have got a huge experience and made dozens of web pages. Our team members worked for Vodafone, Amadeus, Namco.

About us

Who are we? is a team of experts who specialize in programming of presentations for web browsers, what in short means that the members of are Front-end Developers. Each member of the team has a long-standing experience in programming the source codes of great deal of web pages. The rare and valuable merit is fact, that all people who are employed in HTML24, are working also in different other companies – from the interactive agencies up to big corporations from IT trade. All these people, having the common passion – the Internet.

What are we doing?

HTML24 pursues to prepare the models of web pages, keeping the prime quality of the workmanship. ‘The model’ is the basic (static) version of web page, where the user can observe the interactions which are expected to be seen on the actual web page. ‘The model’ is a source code written in one of formal programming languages: html, xhtml, ja or css. The way of coding and programming standard depends on our customers’ requirements. We do not put any restrictions here. Additionally, if anyone is interested in another way of coding, we can measure up to its expectations with JavaScript. We have experience in the following Frameworks: jQuery, Prototype, Mootools.


Why are we above-average?

The speed
We are aimed at realization all projects in 24 hours from taking them on.
The experience
The members of HTML24 have taken parts in projects, which include over 200 subsites. Our experience allows us to format the source code html and create advanced CSS structures.
The professionalism
Dozens of projects (web pages www) and the experience, which we acquired during doing audits on the usefulness and accessibility of big Internet services, are the next proofs of our professionalism.
The creativity
The experience and acquired skills (confirmed by certificates W3 of the knowledge of html, xhtml and css) in comparison with youthful creativity and energy, create a precise description of us! Such virtues shape our attitude and make that problems change into challenges and we always pursue to be up to them!
The technical education
Each member of HTML24 has got a technical education (West Pomeranian University of Technology; major: Information Science). The knowledge of programming engineering extends our advantage over competitors to a considerable degree!


Piotr Zimoch
tel. 607 622 026